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We have a small herd of AMHA, AMHR & ASPC Miniature Horses. Our foundation herd was imported direct from the USA after many months of research.  You will find the top winning bloodlines in our horses pedigrees. I also like to keep up to date with modern lines and regularly go to the USA to pick up new stock from the AMHA World Show and the AMHR National Show. It keeps me sharply focused on changing trends and popular new blood coming through. We are very selective in our approach to breeding very rarely keep a colt entire. We are strong supporters of geldings and as such are active in promoting them.

All of our original foundation herd are still with us today. Although very old now they have earned their retirement and will peacefully live out their days here. We look forward to the future and are very excited about our latest additions and what they will add to our programme.

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