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Custom Stall Drapes


What better way to make an impression and promote your farm at horse events than with a beautiful, personalised and very eye-catching display.

We use quality, durable fabrics in a variety of colourways with endless choices of trims and braids. If you want to attract visitors to your stand then create an attractive and welcoming area for them to browse through promotional material, or just to chat and enjoy looking at the horses.

Apart from the visual aspect, the stall drapes can serve other useful purposes and that is to screen your horse from the noise and traffic outside the stable area, as quite often the aisle is used by many horses walking through. This is especially good for nervous horses, or stallions that need to stay calm, to shield them from drama and distractions. As well as offering some privacy and allowing you to get on with your show preparation and grooming out of view, you can simply close the curtain and concentrate. Also, being windproof they are the perfect shield for those outdoor temporary stables, or even indoor stables that are prone to strong winds gusting through.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help you choose colours and designs to match your logo and create a brand for your farm. With our range of matching accessories it will look spectacular. Meanwhile browse below for some ideas on what we can create for you.

The Fabric We use: 

With a choice of two very durable fabrics you can decide which you prefer.

Our 600 denier Cordura comes in 12 colourways, is waterproof and windproof, so offering a perfect shield and looks great in a variety of set ups. 

600 denier colourways .jpg
600 denier colourways 2.jpg

Our 1000 denier Cordura has all the same qualities as the 600 but is stronger and thicker and as well as being waterproof and windproof, it is also Fire Retardant. This comes in a choice of 7 colourways. It is possible to use the base drape in the 1000 denier giving more protection and strength but then adding valances and penants in the 600 giving more colour options.

100 denier colourways.jpg
600 denier Cordura Red.jpg


Examples of Stall Drape Set Ups

Little Mini Ranch.jpg

This illustration shows:

Stall top half panel with two colourway valance, personalised with farm name embroidered.

Matching door valance and a lower door stall front.

Accessorised with a tack trunk cover with personalised valance along the front.

stall drapes.jpg

Fig 1.                                                                  Fig 3.

Fig 2.                                                                 Fig 4.

stall drapes 2.jpg

In these pictures we have:

Fig 1. Stall Top Half Panel Plain.

Fig 2. A three colourway valance with binding, attached to a Stall Top Half Panel.

Fig 3. Two colourway Valance attached to Stall Top Half Panel which has the client Logo forming the main focus in the centre of the panel.

Fig 4. Two colourway valance and matching side pennants, which can be personalised with your text. Attached to the Stall Top Half Panel.

In these illustrations (left):

Far top left - the base stall drape. 


Top right -the base drape with a deeper valance in two colourway with larger text personalised embroidery.

Bottom left - is a base drape with piping around top and bottom edge. Leaving a large blank area to accessorise, or pin your ribbons to, or just leave blank.


Bottom right - is base drape with piping and personalised embroidery with a central advert, or picture, providing the focal point. This advert can be done on a hard board inset into the drape with stitched edging. Makes for easier storage so you can remove and store and the print on a hard board stays crease free and looks more vibrant.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to do a line of several stall fronts you can mix and match between designs but still keep it coordinated with your colour theme.


The base drapes without any add on's are particularly useful to display accessories, or awards that your horse has won (please see accessories page for ideas). Also, the plain base drape is an equally effective way to co-ordinate several stalls but keeping it a cheaper option whilst still maintaining the theme.

Easy to Assemble:  There are two options for fixing.

Option One is a velcro fastening along the top and sides. This makes it very simple to wrap around the top of the stall, bear in mind you may need a foot stool handy to reach. Some stables do not make it possible to attach the sides with velcro if there are constructed of solid sides with no gaps. In this case you can simply leave it just hanging from the top. The material is thick enough to hang smooth and straight. Or, if you prefer to keep it tight so no movement, you can simply staple the sides and carefully remove once you pack up.

Option Two is with grommets. This allows you to use cable ties to the required length and can be useful if you arrive at the show barn only to find the stalls are extra thick, or just difficult to velcro around. Equally you can add your own string, threaded through the grommets which is just as easy. 


The Top Half Stall Front Panel comes in standard size to fit a 10' stable front, or a 12' stable front.

Custom sizes are available if you want them to fit the stalls at a particular showground and you know the size.

Length for the standard size is approximately 58 inches, or 147 cms. Width is as stated above for either a 10' or 12' stall front.

Other longer length options are available, to provide a full covering of the stall top to bottom.

Calista example.jpg

This above illustration shows the full length stall drapes. These can be made in two separate panels which gives you the option of using the top half only if you so wish. The door panels can be integrated into the top with a roll up option allowing you to access without hindrance whilst doing what you need to and then closing the flap. Or it can be a completely separate panel which gives you the option of not using them if it is particularly hot and you want some airflow. 

How its Made:

Handmade to order in the UK.

As each order is so individual we will give you a lead time when you place your order but please try and give us plenty of notice. It is better if you can place your order before the show season starts as demand may be high in peak season. Sometimes we may be able to do a quick turn around but we cannot guarantee. 

All drapes are thoroughly checked before shipping to ensure quality and standards have been met. 

The panels have a strengthened backing running along the top. This allows for a really smart professional hang and also hides the grommets and velcro fastenings.

Cheaper stall drape option.jpg

This illustration above shows a cheaper option but still maintaining a stunning display. The Upper Stall Front Panels just have piping along the bottom edge which looks simple but effective. The top Valance is Cordura backing but with a double luxury satin ribbon running through and the test is printed on the ribbon. Of course you can still accessorise with a wealth of options to complete your look see image below.

Cheaper stall drape option with accessor

So this shows the plain Upper Stall Front Panels with piping, or braid around lower edge. A Valance with personalised text on luxury double satin ribbon. The Tack Trunk or Table Cover with double layered fabric and a table runner with initials. There is also an applique diamond design optional. The stable doors have hanging tidy bags and an optional choice of having an emergency name and contact pouch stitched on. This is a very cost effective option for those who have not got a logo, or do not want to run to the expense of adding more costly embroidery work.

Pennant Options:

All of these designs can be personalised with your text. Tassles can be added, or braiding, piping etc.

pennants and valance.jpg


Please use the contact form below in the first instance. Be sure to leave your contact details. You will receive an automated response immediately, if you have not received a full reply within 24 hours, although usually within a couple of hours call 07818136603 and leave a message.

Let us know how many panels you require and if you have a farm logo. If you do, we may be able to work with the company who has done your previous embroidery as this will reduce cost of having to duplicate logo digital files.

We will send back some pricing options and then we can discuss these by email or phone, whichever you prefer.

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